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|Platform=PureEngage, PureConnect, PureCloud
|Platform=PureEngage, PureConnect, PureCloud

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This topic is part of the manual Test manual for version Internal of Internal Content Administration.

Feature coming soon!TEST1

A content offer is a type of Altocloud action that enables you to deliver personalized offers to your website visitors.


Feature overview


Let's say you're doing travel research on a travel site. As you're about to leave the website in search of a better deal elsewhere, a pop-up window appears. It says that if you book now, you'll receive 10% off.

That's a content offer. And the point of a content offer is to engage you and then prompt you to take some sort of action (book a trip, in this example).

You use Altocloud to build content offers for the scenario outlined above and for almost anything that requires a website visitor's buy in or consent - for example, sign up for an event, subscribe to the newsletter, try a new product, and so on.

How it works

Before you begin

Before you can run a content offer, you must first do the following:

Create the content offer

Publish the content offer

Link the content offer to an action map

Manage a content offer