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Architecture diagram

Voicemcs private edition architecture diagram.png

Connections table

ConnectionSourceDestinationProtocolPortClassificationData that travels on this connection
1 test other CX Contact HTTP 80 voice traffic
2 Genesys Pulse Tenant Service TCP nnn nnn
3 Billing Data Service GWS Voice Service TCP 8888 Billing Data Service collects usage data.
4 Genesys Web Services and Applications Tenant Service TCP nnn nnn
10 ORS Genesys Engagement Service HTTP 3050 The callback ORS session updates the state and storage of the callback record in GES.
24 ORS Voice RQ Service TCP 12000 ORS reads the following from Voice RQ Service streams:
  • TLib events and user data requests published by Voice SIP Cluster Service.
  • Interaction (IXN) events and user data requests published by IXN Service.
  • URS responses and events.

33 Voice SIP Cluster Service FrontEnd Service HTTP 11300 The Voice SIP Cluster service provides the Rest API to handle TLib requests from the Voice FrontEnd Service.