Genesys Text and Speech Analytics for Compliance (EE25) for Genesys Engage cloud

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This use case supports Genesys Engage and PureConnect as the Speech and Text Analytics product is supported to run on both platforms.
Enforce compliance and legal responsibilities with speech and text analytics

Use Case Overview

Story and Business Context

Organizations have to comply with a wide range of legal and regulatory requirements that vary depending on the industry they operate in, the types of the interactions they are handling, the types of customers they are serving, and even the content of the interaction itself. The impact of non-compliance, even in isolated instances, can be devastating legally, financially, and to the organization's reputation. It is therefore critical to ensure, as far as possible, complete compliance on every single interaction.<brclass="mw_emptyline_first" />Using Interaction Analytics provides the ability to monitor 100% of interactions, check for the occurrence or non-occurence of specific words and phrases related to a range of legal and regulatory compliance obligations, and prove the level of compliance with these obligations. This is impossible to do with sampling of recordings.

Use Case Benefits*

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Brand Perception Reduces reputation risk associated with instances of non-compliance with legal, regulatory or best practice behaviour.
Reduced Penalties and Fines Measuring agent-level compliance with company and legal requirements reduces systematic risk of compliance failures and associated costs.
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Provide comprehensive monitoring and validation of compliance with legal, regulatory and organization obligations and both individual agent and overall organizational levels to reduce risk of compliance failures, ligitation, financial impacts, and damage to organization reputation or brand.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. The voice interaction is recorded (GIR or PureConnect or 3rd-party recorder) or the digital (text) interaction is completed (Genesys eServices or 3rd-party data source).
  2. Customer provides a list of compliance requirements.
  3. Identify the required compliance events (topics) and the events that trigger a compliance requirement (topics and/or metadata). A typical engagement for one business unit deploying use cases Genesys Speech Analytics (EE22) for GenesysEngage-onpremises (Cloud) and Genesys Text and Speech Analytics for Compliance (EE25) for GenesysEngage-onpremises (Cloud) is 12 weeks of PS effort, covering 20 topics.
  4. Build the required measurement elements inside GIA with associated reports. (Genesys PS)
  5. Conduct user training using customer's system and data. (Genesys PS)
  6. Conduct analysis with GIA to determine which compliance areas need improvement. (Customer)
  7. Implement training programs within the business operation to improve agent compliance performance. (Customer)
  8. Track the resulting performance improvement. (Customer)

Business consulting is provided through the first few projects.

Business and Distribution Logic

Business Logic

Business issues that an implementation might need to deal with include:

  • Financial regulation, medical, payments, credit cards
  • Compliance with company regulation and standards
  • Differences across regions, different states or countries
  • Data regulation
  • Union / employment
  • Discrimination
  • Things agents must say
  • Things agents must not say
  • Things agents omit
  • Points in a call at which things need to be said
  • Confirmation of consent
  • Triggering of what is required based on the content of the call
  • Confirmation from customers

Distribution Logic


Use Case Requirements

Customer Interface Requirements

Genesys Interaction Analytics is a browser-based user interface. Access control for specific roles (such as Quality Management, Analysts, Team Leaders, and Administrators) is handled via User Security configuration.

More information can be found within the product administration guide.

Agent Desktop Requirements

Genesys Interaction Analytics is a browser-based user interface. Access control for specific employee roles can be configured and is handled via the User Security configuration.

More information can be found within the product administration guide.



Real-time Reporting


Historical Reporting

Historical reporting is provided by templates in the SpeechMiner UI (business interface), which is part of the Genesys Interaction Analytics platform. A full copy of the reports available is documented in the User Manual.


General Assumptions

Assumptions for PureConnect Cloud customers running Genesys Speech and Text Analytics

PureConnect Platform Assumptions:

When implemented in conjunction with Genesys Interaction Recording, caller ANI and agent hierarchy data is generally available without requiring additional professional services.

Where the use case is implemented in conjunction with a 3rd-party recording solution, additional professional services effort may be required to import ANI and agent hierarchy information.

Appending NPS or CSAT data to recordings may require additional professional services effort.

The prerequisite for this use case on PureConnect is Genesys Speech Analytics (EE22)

UConnector for PureConnect is required to utilize Genesys Intelligence Analytics on PureConnect

Customer Assumptions


All required, alternate, and optional use cases are listed here, as well as any exceptions.

All of the following required: At least one of the following required: Optional Exceptions

    Workforce Engagement

      None None None

      Premise Assumptions

      The use case is fully supported for Genesys Engage on-premises deployment.

      Cloud Assumptions

      Use in conjunction with 3rd-party recording solutions is NOT supported for Genesys Engage cloud.

      The SpeechMiner Administration Tool (SMART) is not currently available to end customers for their use in Cloud. Additional support from Genesys is therefore required to carry out administration on the customer's behalf.

      Import of NPS / CSAT data requires additional design and implementation effort for Cloud deployments.

      Text analytics is not yet available in Cloud,except for PureConnect Cloud customers.

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