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Engage across the broader enterprise using Skype for Business instant messaging

What's the challenge?

Engaging with customers who want to use new voice channels like Microsoft Skype for Business can be difficult without introducing new teams and a separate technology silos.

What's the solution?

Integrating Skype for Business into your main contact center routing environment and routing calls into your usual sales and customer service teams stops the silos.

Use Case Overview

Story and Business Context

Every business wants to streamline the toolset for experts to connect with customers and resolve problems as efficiently as possible. Frequently contact center agents use different technologies to communicate with customers than the technologies used by the rest of the company. However contact center agents need an easy way to reach the experts that use a different technology solution to resolve customer issues. While the most important success factor for customer service is employing competent people to assist customers, execution can be difficult. The experts do not always answer the phone or could not be on the same technology platform. This use case enables contact center agents to bridge UCC and customer interaction solutions to communicate with an available expert. This solution helps quickly resolve customer issues.

Use Case Benefits*

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry, lines of business or Genesys product line:

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Utilization Improvement employee engagement throughout the organization by providing more direct involvement with customers.
Improved First Contact Resolution Involving experts across the company in customer conversations through Skype for Business.
Increased Revenue Increased revenue by involving experts in revenue generating opportunities through unified messaging within the company
Reduced Handle Time Quickly connecting agents and experts through Skype for Business.
Reduced IT Operational Costs Maintaining Skype for Business, and applying a tight ready made integration between it and your cloud contact center platform.
*You can sort all use cases according to their stated benefits here: Sort by benefits


In a traditional contact center, agents would possibly need to use multiple technologies to handle customer issues and communicate with internal experts. This process can create inefficiencies that frustrate both agents and customers. With the Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business application, agents use Genesys Cloud CX to find expert resources across the organization and outside the traditional contact center to resolve customer issues. The Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business app allows the Genesys Cloud CX customer to use the appropriate experts in both customer service and sales interactions. Using the Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business app, users can:

  • Search for Skype for Business contacts within the Genesys Cloud CX interface.
  • See the Skype for Business presence of Skype for Business contacts.
  • Initiate and receive 1:1 chats with Skype for Business contacts within the Genesys Cloud CX interface.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

The business flow covers the interactions of the primary actors in this use case:

  • The customer
  • The agents or advisers
  • The issue expert or knowledge worker
  • The Genesys Cloud CX system for routing and Universal Communication (UC) integration (presence, instant messaging, and voice)
  • The 3rd party Universal Communication (UC) system (Skype for Business)

Business Flow Description

  1. Customer engages in a call with an agent. The agent uses the Genesys Cloud CX client to interact with the caller. The call routes to the agent using an inbound voice use case or a custom use case.
    1. Precondition: The call already has attached data and is available to reporting.
  2. The agent cannot resolve the issue and requires additional support. The customer has a specific question that requires an immediate answer in order to resolve the customer case. #Using the Skype for Business app, the agent identifies, by name, an issue expert that can resolve the problem.
  3. The agent starts an instant message (IM) with the issue expert. The agent opens the IM chat inside the Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business App in Genesys Cloud CX.
  4. If the first Issue expert does not answer or rejects the IM invitation:
    1. Through IM, the agent receives notification of the failure.
    2. A second issue expert is identified by name.
  5. An issue expert accepts and starts IM with the agent. The issue expert successfully interacts with the agent through IM. The issue expert reviews the attached data, which the agent shares over Skype IM. The attached data may include web links to other business applications; for example, case management.
  6. Through IM, the issue expert communicates a solution to the agent.
  7. The agent terminates the call with a disposition code. The agent can attach a note with follow-up information; for example, that the issue expert instant messaged during the call.

Business and Distribution Logic

Business Logic

Parameters and Business Rules

  • In order to instant message an individual expert using Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business, the Genesys Cloud CX agent must know the expert's name.
  • The Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business app supports searching Skype for Business contacts in the organization by name, but not by skill or expertise.

User Interface & Reporting

Agent UI

Contact center agent (adviser)

  • The agent uses Genesys Cloud CX and can access caller information (attached data) based on the configuration.
  • The agent has the Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business app license.


  • The issue expert desktop application is Skype for Business, which must support IM.
  • The issue expert must be able to browse the web for solutions or to see information provided via a hyperlink within the IM.


Real-time Reporting

Due to Genesys Cloud CX's continuous evolution, the available features change rapidly. For the latest features, see the Genesys Cloud CX Resource Center. The following Genesys Cloud CX historical and real-time views examples provide relevant insights:


  • Agent views provide metrics about agent activity, including status, performance, interactions, and more. Filters include skills, languages, wrap-up codes, and more.


  • Various views provide insight into both real-time and historical queue activity.
  • The Queue Activity view shows real-time metrics, including all calls that are currently waiting or interacting with agents.


  • The Interactions view provides detailed information about both historical and real-time interactions.
  • This view allows supervisors to filter interactions based on metrics, including agent names and wrap-up codes.


  • Genesys Cloud CX has a full library of canned reports available in .pdf and .xlsx formats.
  • Supervisors can filter these reports by dates, users, queues, and more.
  • Supervisors can download reports from the Genesys Cloud CX user interface.
  • Supervisors can schedule reports to run and download in batch.

Other views

  • WFM
  • Quality
  • Outbound
  • Scheduled Callbacks
  • Campaigns
  • And more.

Customer-facing Considerations


All required, alternate, and optional use cases are listed here, as well as any exceptions.

All of the following required: At least one of the following required: Optional Exceptions


      None None None

      General Assumptions

      • The organization has Office 365 and Skype for Business deployed.
      • An organization includes issue experts that users, specifically agents, know by name. The issue experts are searchable in the Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business app.
      • Customer is not interested in using native Genesys Cloud CX functionality to achieve collaboration (refer to UC OP01).

      Within Genesys Cloud CX configuration environment:

      • Genesys Cloud CX users who use Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business must have a Genesys Cloud CX Skype for Business app license.

      Within customer Office 365 configuration environment:

      • Genesys Cloud CX agents must have Skype for Business licenses and be homed to Office 365, NOT on-premises Skype for Business.
      • Must configure Business users for Skype for Business on Office 365.

      Customer Responsibilities

      This use case requires a business transformation discussion. The use of experts adds complexity from a reporting and SLA perspective. The overall cost and benefit of using experts is conceptually understood and agreed upon in advance. The business transformation discussion points include:

      • What is the workload impact on my experts?
      • Did the use of experts increase my FCR and NPS?
      • Did the experts respond in a timely manner and actually solve the problem?
      • What is a cost/benefit associated with experts pulled from their primary responsibilities.
      • Did the agents use the experts appropriately?

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