Workforce Optimization (WFO) 1B bundle

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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Choice for version Current of System-Level Documentation.

Describes the WFO 1B bundle, its capabilities, and measurements in Genesys Choice.

WFO 1B bundle provides Workforce Management (WFM) capabilities for all interaction types supported by Genesys MultiCloud CX.


You must have already signed up for any one of the Genesys Choice Voice or Digital bundles.

Metric specification

Billable item Concurrent and Enabled number of Users included in WFM schedules during the billing period.
Unit of measure User
Metric name bundle_wfo_1b
Metric frequency Daily
Metric scope Global for each customer tenant
Metric definition and capabilities Users are counted as WFO 1B Users if they do not use Voice Recording and/or Screen Recording, but are included in WFM schedules during the billing period.

Concurrent and Named licensing

  • Concurrent: All scheduled shifts that contribute to the maximum number of agents scheduled at a given time during the billing period.
  • Named: List of agents scheduled during the billing period.


  • Workforce planning
Data source Genesys WFM ETL database
Deployment model One global instance of Genesys WFM ETL database for each tenant