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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Choice for version Current of System-Level Documentation.

Describes the voicemail add-on, its capabilities, and measurement in Genesys Choice.

The Voicemail add-on provides a single voice mailbox for recording, notification, and playback of voice messages. Each mailbox is assigned to an agent or functional group.


Metric specification

Billable item The maximum number of configured Agent Logins, Agent Groups, and DN objects that simultaneously had voicemail box enabled, in either an active or inactive state, at any point during the day.
Unit of measure Objects count
Metric name voicemail_boxes_gim
Metric frequency Daily
Metric scope Global
Metric definition and capabilities Maximum voicemail boxes enabled in a month.


  • Recording of a message by a caller.
  • A Message Waiting Indication (MWI) to the assigned group's agents on their Agent Desktops (Workspace).
  • Playback of the recording from the Agent Desktop.
  • Email notification of voicemail, with Voicemail Access URL.
Data source Configuration Server DB
Deployment model One global instance of Configuration Server DB for each tenant.