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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Choice for version Current of System-Level Documentation.

Describes the Voice 2 bundle in Genesys Choice, its capabilities, and measurement through BDS metrics.

The Voice 2 bundle provides standard Genesys Outbound capabilities such as Outbound voice, SMS, email, and a few other capabilities. When you sign up for the Voice 2 bundle, the Voice 1 bundle is also included in your package.

  • If your organization uses Outbound IVR, you need to purchase IVR minutes based on your organizational needs.
  • If you are planning to use the SMS channel, you must also purchase the following:
    • SMS short code or toll-free number provisioning.
    • SMS short code or toll-free number monthly lease.
    • Per message fees

Metric specification

Billable item Voice 2 user is billed based on the following criteria:
  • Consumption of the bundle as a concurrent and named user in a given the billing period.
  • Consumption based on the number of outbound transactions handled such as outbound voice, SMS, or email in a given billing period.
Note: The Voice 1 bundle and its capabilities are included in the Voice 2 bundle.
Unit of measure User
Metric name bundle_voice_two
Metric frequency Daily
Metric scope Region
Metric definition and capabilities
  • Users are counted as a Voice 2 User if they handle an outbound call as part of the dialer campaign during the billing period.
  • If counted as a Voice 2 User, the unique User ID is not counted as a Voice 1 user during the billing period.

Voice 2 capabilities

Voice 1 capabilities are included along with the following Voice 2 specific capabilities:

  • Outbound Dialing with Agents
  • Outbound IVR
  • Call Progress Detection (CPD)
  • Call Results
  • Outbound SMS Campaigns
  • Outbound Email Campaigns
  • Agent Desktop (Workspace Web Edition) or Workspace Toolkit or Workspace API
  • User interface supporting Campaign, List, and Compliance Management
If you are looking for core digital channels like chat, email, and SMS or additional social engagement and messaging channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, see the Digital 1 and Digital 2 bundles.
Data source Genesys Info Mart database
Deployment model One global instance of Genesys Info Mart database for each tenant.