Outbound Campaign Transactions

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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Choice for version Current of System-Level Documentation.

Describes the Outbound campaign add-on, its capabilities, and measurement in Genesys Choice.

Metric specification

Billable item Number of CX Contact enabled transactions.
Unit of measure Objects Count
Metric name cx_contact_interactions
Metric frequency Daily
Metric scope Global
Metric definition and capabilities A sub-type of interaction that is either initiated by an agent or by a computer towards a target number. This interaction is counted regardless of a connection being established between the two parties or even if no attempt is made to reach the target number because the target number is part of a "Do not call List". CX Outbound Interactions are also counted for outgoing SMS and Emails.
Data source Genesys Info Mart database
Deployment model One global instance of Genesys Info Mart database for each tenant.
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