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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Choice for version Current of System-Level Documentation.

Describes the IVR add-on, its capabilities, and measurement in Genesys Choice.

The IVR add-on provides its services through IVR services in GVP.

Metric specification

Billable item The total number of minutes consumed by IVR services in the billing period.
Unit of measure Minutes
Metric name gvp_minutes
Metric frequency Daily
Metric scope Region
Metric definition and capabilities The IVR meter starts when the IVR service is initially invoked, and continues to run for as long as the IVR service is being used. On a daily basis, the sum of seconds of all calls is rounded-up to the nearest minute.


The IVR add-on provides the following self-service and/or assisted service capabilities.

  • DTMF applications
  • Speech-enabled applications
  • Call Queuing/Call Parking
  • IVR Survey
  • Callback
Data source Genesys Info Mart database, GVP Reporting Server database
Deployment model For GVP Reporting Server (RS) database - an instance of GVP RS database per location. This instance can be used by a single tenant or shared between multiple tenants.
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