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Learn how to set up Genesys Engage as an identity provider (IdP) for Genesys Cloud.

Genesys Engage can act as an identity provider (IdP) for Genesys Cloud integrations, such as Workforce Engagement Management.

Complete the following steps to set up Genesys Engage as an IdP:

  1. Contact your Genesys representative to complete internal configuration.
  2. Configure Genesys Cloud as an IdP in Genesys Cloud.
  3. Verify your configuration.

Configure in Genesys Cloud

To set up Genesys Engage as an identity provider in Genesys Cloud, follow the steps in the Add a generic single sign-on provider article on the Genesys Cloud Resource Center. Make note of the Configuration information table; you need these details to complete the configuration in Genesys Cloud.
Configuration information
Field Notes
Provider Logo Download this Genesys Engage SVG file to use as the logo.
Provider Name The name of the single sign-on (SSO) provider, which will be shown on the Organization login page. For example, Genesys Engage.
The Provider’s Certificate Download this Genesys Engage PEM file for the certificate.
The Provider’s Issuer URI This is the IdP metadata issuer and must be set to "".
Target URL The IdP SSO endpoint. It should be one of the following:
Deployment URL
Production West US2
Production East US2
Relying Party Identifier The entity ID of the service provider. This should be the same as the Organization ID.

Finally, log out of Genesys Cloud and verify your configuration.

Verify configuration

To verify your configuration, open Genesys Cloud and choose More Login Options. Enter your Organization and click Next. This redirects you to the authentication screen where you can enter a username and password for one of your Genesys Cloud users.

Click Log In to authenticate and be redirected back to Genesys Cloud.

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