Helm charts and containers for Billing Data Service

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Find lists of which containers were updated for each service release, and when.

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ServiceRelease NumberRelease DateUpdated Helm ChartsUpdated Containers

Billing Data Service (BDS)


  • bds-config-100.0.002+0021-pe.tgz
  • bds-cronjob-100.0.002+0020.tgz
  • bds-grafana-dashboard-100.0.002+0022.tgz
  • scripts:

Billing Data Service (BDS)


  • bds-config-100.0.001+0026-pe.tgz
  • bds-cronjob-100.0.001+0026.tgz
  • bds-grafana-dashboard-100.0.001+0026.tgz
  • scripts:

Billing Data Service (BDS)


  • bds-config-9.0.4-29-pe.tgz
  • bds-cronjob-9.0.4-29.tgz
  • bds-grafana-dashboard-9.0.4-29.tgz
  • scripts: