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This topic is part of the manual Agent Desktop Agent's Guide for version Current of Agent Desktop.

A guide to some of the changes in the user interface if you are a user who is transitioning from the previous version.

Some Workspace Agent Desktop features are available only for Genesys Engage cloud users.

Introducing Workspace Web Edition 9, Genesys’ next generation Agent Desktop. Built on top of highly scalable cloud architecture, Workspace Agent Desktop 9 user interface has been updated with a new modern look and feel incorporating numerous usability improvements while maintaining the same features from the previous version.

Known Limitations

When you migrate from Agent Desktop 8.5.2 to Agent Desktop 9.0.0, the following data is not carried over:

  • Personal favorites
  • Recent contacts
  • Missed calls

If you use Genesys Screen Recording with Workspace Agent Desktop 9, you must have GSRS 8.5.360.03 or higher installed on the agent workstation.

Agent Desktop requires Genesys Softphone version 8.5.401.03 or higher.

Logging in


Logging in to Workspace Agent Desktop is now a two-step process. After you open Agent Desktop, you must enter your username in the Login window. Do not enter your password in the Tenant field! If your contact center uses tenants, you will be told by your administrator what to enter here. If it does not, leave this field blank.

To enter your password, click Next to progress to the Password window. Enter your password and click Sign in.

Logging out (exiting)


Logging out of Workspace Agent Desktop has not changed. You still select Exit from the Agent menu. However, there is a GOTCHA in the new Workspace Exit window... the button names have changed and they are in a different order!

Click Exit (the button on the right) instead of Yes to exit. Click Cancel (the button on the left) instead of No to stop existing and return to Workspace Agent Desktop.

The Navigation Bar


Workspace Agent Desktop 9.0.0 introduces the Navigation Bar so that you can have access to all the features that you use every day just by clicking a tab. You no longer have to click the hamburger menu to open different work views such as My Channels and My Workbins.

Most of the features you are looking for are in the Connect group. Click on it to access your work views.

The Monitor group contains Contact Center Statistics.

The Side Bar


The Side Bar did not exist in Agent Desktop 8.5.2. It is a new feature for Agent Desktop 9.0.0. The Side Bar is where you will find Team Communicator, Notifications, Performance Tracker (formerly My Statistics), and product Help. If your account is enabled for Voicemail, it's here too.

The Agent menu


You still use the Agent menu to exit Workspace Agent Desktop. Click it and select Exit. You can now access the About window from this menu instead of the Help menu to get information about the version of Agent Desktop that you are using.

Your working views


In Agent Desktop 8.5.2 you had to open the Main Menu (the hamburger menu) to access the different work views. In Agent Desktop 9.0.0 all these view are now visible as tabs in the Main view. Just select Connect in the Navigation Bar and you will see the following tabs:

  • My Channels
  • My Campaigns
  • My History
  • My Workbins (including My Team Workbins and My Interaction Queues)
  • Interaction Search
  • Contact Directory
Some of these views might not be available to you. It depends on how your administrator has set up your account.
My Messages is now accessed by using the Side Bar.

Contact Center Statistics


In Agent Desktop 8.5.2, you accessed Contact Center Statistics in a dedicated tab in the My Workspace view. In Agent Desktop 9.0.0, Contact Center Statistics are found in the Dashboard tab of the Monitor group in the Navigation Bar. The statistics, alerts, warnings and so on are all the same as in Agent Desktop 8.5.2.

No more My Statistics or My Reports dashboard


The My Statistics tab and the Dashboard tab that you used to view your KPIs have been replaced by an all new tool in the Side Bar called the Performance Tracker!

The Performance Tracker gives you up to date statistics on how well you are performing against the goals of your contact center.

Contact Directory


The Contact Directory view has been simplified. The List View is no longer available, only the Grid View.

The Details panel, containing the Information and History tabs, can either be displayed to the right of the Contact Search area or hidden when the Contact Search area is expanded to the full width of the Agent Desktop.

Accessing the application Help

This application Help document is now available to you in two ways, integrated into Workspace Agent Desktop or over the web.

Many contact centers do not want agents browsing help over the web, so now when you click ? at the bottom of the Side Bar, this Help document slides out in a little panel. Click the links to go to any topic you need, or enter keywords in the Search field to look for specific content.

If you are allowed to access this Help document from the web, your administrator can provide you with the URL.

In Workspace Agent Desktop 8.5.2, when you selected Help from the ? menu, you were directed to the Help document in another browser window or tab.

Team Communicator

Workspace Agent Desktop brings lots of little changes to the Team Communicator, but it still works the same as before.

You can find the Team Communicator in the Side Bar; just click the icon to activate it. In Agent Desktop 8.5.2, it was right below the Main Menu bar.

GAPI 900 Where Is Team Communicator.png

In Workspace Agent Desktop 9.0.0, you enter names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on in the search field, use the same filtering buttons (contact, favorite, recent, type, and group) to narrow your search. The search results are displayed below the search field.

GAPI 900 Team Communicator Search Results Same.png

In Workspace Agent Desktop 9.0.0, the Action menu is replaced by action buttons. Instead of selecting email or call from the Action menu, click the appropriate action button. To make the Action buttons appear, just hover your mouse pointer over the contact or internal target that you want to call, email, or select as a favorite.

GAPI 900 Team Communicator Action Buttons.png



Workbins in Workspace Agent Desktop 9.0.0 work the same way that they did in 8.5.2. You can find your workbins in the Connect group in the Navigation Bar. You no longer use the hamburger menu to open the My Workbins, My Team Workbin, or My Interaction Queue lists. The My Workbins tab contains all Workbin and Interaction Queue views, depending on how your account is set up.

The appearance of the icons in the 9.0.0 workbins are almost the same. The only real difference is that now interaction queue icons look like folders and documents instead of like folders and queues.

To open an item from a workbin, click the Open icon (GAPI 900 Workbin Open Button.png) which is displayed on the right side of the interactions in a workbin.

GAPI 900 Click to Pull from Workbin.png

Interaction Notification (pop-up toast)


The Interaction Notification that pop-up when an interaction is directed to you looks much more bold and easier to see! It contains all the same information as before. The Interaction Notification is colored for different business purposes. Ask your supervisor what the different colors mean.

If your account is set up to enable you to accept or reject an interaction, the order of the Accept and Reject buttons is reversed! Be careful that you click the correct button!

Outbound Campaigns


Outbound campaigns work the same as in Agent Desktop 8.5.2, but there are a couple of small changes. In the Outbound Campaign notification (pop-up), the Get Record and OK buttons are reversed! Be careful that you click the correct button!

In the Outbound Campaign tab, the Get Record button has changed appearance and location. Use this button to get a new record: GAPI 900 Workbin Open Button.png

Pinned mode and Floating mode


Workspace Agent Desktop 9.0.0 supports Pinned mode and Floating mode for interactions, just like 8.5.2.

To switch between the two modes in 9.0.0, click the three dots to the far left of the Interaction toolbar. In 8.5.2, you would have clicked the colored rectangle to the far left of the Interaction bar.

In Workspace Agent Desktop 9.0.0, the Pinned/Floating menu not only lets you toggle between these two modes, but when you are in Floating mode, you have some additional choices from this button:

  • Pinned mode (to switch to Pinned mode)
  • Contact (to switch to the Contact tab in Pinned mode)
  • Responses (to switch to the Responses tab in Pinned mode)

Interaction views


The Interaction view has not changed very much between Agent Desktop 8.5.2 and Agent Desktop 9.0.0. Some of the buttons on the call Interaction bar are in different places, but their functionality is the same.

The biggest change to the Interaction view is that the vertical Contact and Responses buttons are gone. They have been replaced by a Contact tab and a Responses tab on the right side of the interaction view.

The Contact tab contains the Information and History tabs.

The Responses tab contains the standard response folders.

Changes to the Chat interaction view

The Chat interaction view works the same in Workspace Agent Desktop 9.0.0. The Chat transcript is designed to make chat interactions easier to read and follow. It is now much clearer which messages belong to whom.

GAPI 900 Sample Chat Interface.png

The look and feel of the Push URL functionality has changed.

GAPI 900 New Push URL Button.png

In Agent Desktop 8.5.2, to open the Push URL area you had to click the down arrow beneath the Send button. In Agent Desktop 9.0.0, click the Push URL icon instead; click it again to close the area.

GAPI 900 New Push URL Area.png

New buttons for Transfer, Conference, and Consult

In the Interaction toolbar, the Transfer, Conference, and Consult buttons have all been grouped together and the same button is now used for every interaction type. In Agent Desktop 8.5.2, each interaction type had a different Transfer button.

Function Agent Desktop 8.5.2 Agent Desktop 9.0.0
Transfer IW Instant Voice Transfer Icon 850.png IW Email Transfer Icon 850.png IW Chat Transfer Icon 850.png IW Workitem Transfer Icon 850.png GAPI Instant Voice Transfer Icon 900.png
Consult IW Consultation Icon 850.png GAPI Consultation Icon 900.png
Conference IW Instant Voice Conference Icon 850.png IW Chat Conference Icon 850.png GAPI Instant Voice Conference Icon 900.png

Improvements to Email QA review


If you are a reviewer of email interactions, you will notice that the interaction type icon has been changed. In Agent Desktop 8.5.2, the icon for an email for review was the same as a regular email icon. This could cause some confusion about what type of interaction you were handling.

In Agent Desktop 9.0.0, this icon had been changed to a supervisor eye with a small email icon underneath it.

The Delete Email button is no longer available for email review interactions.
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