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Genesys Agent Assist is a cloud-based, AI-powered solution that provides real-time transcription and FAQ suggestions based on the context of a live conversation between a customer and an agent. It empowers agents by providing relevant content and suggesting responses to a customer's questions. This makes agents more productive and improves the overall customer experience.

Provide context

As part of the AI-powered customer journey, Genesys Agent Assist can seamlessly transfer a customer conversation from bots to live agents. When joining the conversation, the agent receives context captured from the earlier portion of conversation between the customer and the bot. This captured content includes the intents and transcript from the self-service bot interaction.

Real-Time Voice Transcription

Genesys Agent Assist displays the real-time transcription of voice interactions to agents. This helps ensure that agents don’t miss any part of the conversation and triggers real-time suggestions.


Real-Time FAQ Suggestions

Genesys Agent Assist empowers agents by providing them with the right content at the right time. The content is based on the context of the live conversation with a customer. A stream of FAQ suggestions is automatically served up to the agents. They do not have to perform manual searches for this information. Real-time FAQ suggestions allow contact centers to quickly onboard new agents, increase productivity among existing agents, and ensure consistent communication across the entire team.

Agent Assist Tab

Navigate to the Agent Assist tab to see the stream of FAQ suggestions. The latest suggestion cards always appear at the top of the page and push the previous cards down and out of focus. Agents can scroll down to see previous suggestions and click them to bring them back into focus. Clicking a previous suggestion also disables the auto-scrolling of suggestions. If new suggestions come in, agents can click the New Suggestions button to bring them back to the top.

Voice Trancript

Built on AI

Genesys Agent Assist is integrated into the Genesys Agent interfaces and uses Google Contact Center AI for real-time transcription and knowledge surfacing.

Improve Over Time

Confidence scores indicate how relevant the suggestions are. Agents can upvote or downvote suggestions to provide feedback and increase confidence scores. This agent feedback improves the accuracy of future suggestions.


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