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This topic is part of the manual Billing Data Service Private Edition Guide for version Current of Billing Data Service.

Learn how to upgrade, rollback, or uninstall Billing Data Service (BDS).

Upgrade BDS

Before upgrading, ensure that you have a current backup of configuration files for configmaps.

To upgrade to a new release of BDS, deploy the new release. BDS provides a tool to automatically migrate configuration settings to the new release. If the new release introduces new parameters, or has changes to existing parameters, BDS prompts you to populate them.

Migrate configuration

This section describes how to use the BDS migration tool to patch your configuration file in preparation for upgrading BDS.

Prerequisites: Ensure that the cfg_file parameter in gvars.py contains the correct path to the configuration file to be patched:

docker run -e ACTION=config -u genesys -t -v $(pwd)/etc:/genesys/etc -i pureengage-docker-production.jfrog.io/cloudbilling/scripts:latest
  1. Prepare environment:
    . /home/genesys/.bash_profile
  2. Run configuration wizard:
    python3 brsctl.py migrate
    Starting configuration migration
    config.py:init: Trying to read configuration from /genesys/brs/config.json
    2021-04-28 11:54:50,290 DEBUG MainThread config.py:init: Read configuration from /genesys/brs/config.json
    Found configuration, BDS Searching for required migration patches...
    Patches to be applied: to, to
    Proceed? [y/N]: y
    Current configuration backup file '/genesys/brs/config.json.' and gvars '/genesys/brs/gvars.py.' are created
    Applying patch to ...
            ------> OK
    Applying patch to ...
            ------> OK
    Migration process completed successfully. The configuration has been upgraded to
  3. Refresh the configmap as described in Provision BDS: Create configmap.

Rollback BDS

To roll back BDS to an earlier release, run the deployment process for the desired release. To roll back the configuration, use the backup files you created before upgrade.

Uninstall BDS

To uninstall, execute the command helm -n <namespace> uninstall <bds-deploy-name>.

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