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This topic is part of the manual Billing Data Service Private Edition Guide for version Current of Billing Data Service.

Learn which metrics you should monitor for Billing Data Service (BDS) and when to sound an alarm.

The metrics described on this page pertain to the internal monitoring of BDS performance and containers, and are intended for administrator use only. These metrics are distinct from the metrics which BDS provides for monitoring contact center activity, which are described in the Billing Data Server User's Guide.

Pushgateway and Kubernetes metrics


Metric Description Alarm suggestion
*bds_pod_processing_start* start time of BDS processing If over > 43200 sec ago
*bds_pod_processing_end* end time of BDS processing If over bds_pod_processing_start + 43200 sec
*bds_processing_exit_code* processing exit code When != 0


Metric Description Alarm suggestion
*kube_pod_container_status_terminated_reason* shows info about container termination reason On Error
*kube_job_status_start_time* can be used to trigger alerts if processing is to long > 43200 sec
*kube_job_status_failed* can be used to trigger alerts of failed jobs > 0
*kube_pod_created* used to count pod lifetime Info
*kube_job_status_start_time* shows started jobs Info
*container_cpu_usage_seconds_total* info about used CPU Info
*container_memory_usage_bytes* info about used MEM Info
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