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This topic is part of the manual Billing Data Service Private Edition Guide for version Current of Billing Data Service.

Find the metrics No results exposes and the alerts defined for No results.

Service CRD or annotations? Port Endpoint/Selector Metrics update interval
No results N/A N/A N/A N/A
Note: As a serverless component, BDS is run via a Kubernetes CronJob. By default, the job runs every 12 hours (twice a day) and pushes information into the Prometheus Pushgateway.

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Metrics[edit source]

Billing Data Service (BDS) exposes few metrics through Prometheus Pushgateway for monitoring BDS performance and containers. Note that the service-monitoring metrics are distinct from the metrics BDS provides to monitor contact center activity, which are described in the Billing Data Server User's Guide.

The following system metrics are likely to be particularly useful.

  • kube_pod_container_status_restarts_total
  • kube_job_status_start_time
  • kube_job_status_failed

For information about standard system metrics, see System metrics.

Other than the system metrics, BDS provides the following service specific metrics for monitoring and alerting purposes:

Metric and description Metric details Indicator of

The time in which the BDS cron job has started its process.

Unit: Second

Type: Gauge
Sample value: 1638529175


The time in which the BDS cron job has ended its process.

Unit: Second

Type: Gauge
Sample value: 1638538924


Exit code indicating whether the cron job has successfully started. Returns 0 if the cron job has started successfully, else returns a numeric value.


Type: Gauge
Sample value: 0

Alerts[edit source]

Billing Data Service does not define any alerts by default in the Helm charts. The following table indicates the sample alerts configuration that you can create using the supported metrics.

The following alerts are defined for No results.

Alert Severity Description Based on Threshold
BDS-ContainerRestartCount The container in which BDS did not start or no longer responsive. kube_pod_container_status_restarts_total >0

BDS-JobStartTime The cron job that did not start in scheduled time or that was being processed for a long time. kube_job_status_start_time < (time() - 44100)

BDS-JobFailStatus Cron job failed status. kube_job_status_failed >0
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