Prepare widgets for Altocloud

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Learn why and how to configure a widget for use with Altocloud.

1. Administrators: Create a Genesys Cloud Version 2 widget

Follow the instructions to configure a Genesys Cloud Version 2 widget.

As you configure the widget, remember:

  • Give the widget a meaningful name that indicates its use with Altocloud.
  • The list of allowed domains for the widget should match the list of allowed domains for Altocloud.
  • After you save the widget, copy the deployment key for use as you complete your platform-specific configuration and deployment.

2. Developers: Configure and deploy the widget on your platform

On a tracked website, you must deploy the widgets transport object above the location where you deploy the Altocloud tracking snippet.

For complete, platform-specific instructions on configuring and deploying a widget on your platform, see the following links:

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