Event click-related tags

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This topic is part of the manual Event tracking with tag managers for version Current of Genesys Predictive Engagement.

Review event click-related tags that you can use in your organization.

Offer a chat when a visitor clicks a section on a page

Use the following tag to trigger an action map to offer a chat to a visitor when the visitor opens the "Contact Us" section of a page. The visitor's action indicates that the visitor is very likely to call the contact center.


console.log('[Predictive Engagement] Contact Us Section v0.2');
ac('dom', 'ready', function () {
	  $('div.spl-accordion-heading').on('click', function() {
	      const sectionTitle = $(this).text().trim();
	      ac('record', 'section_opened', 'Contact Us Section', {
	        sectionTitle: sectionTitle
  }, 1500);