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This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Agent's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Learn to use a graphical representation of a user's path through your website. This will give you the full context of a user's questions and can help you better understand their needs.

    • Configure the following permissions in PureCloud:
      • Journey > Customer > View permission (to see information about existing customers)
      • Journey > Event > View permission (to see events on the customer journey map)
      • Journey > Visit > View permission (to see live tracking information about visitors who are currently on your website)

View a customer's journey


The visit journey map indicates:

  • Which pages a customer saw and the sequence in which the customer saw them
  • What types of engagement the customer had with an agent or with Altocloud while on a page
  • When the customer matched segments

To see URLs instead of page titles, click URL.

See point-in-time details


Hover over an icon to see more information about what the customer did.

About icon colors


Green indicates a positive event. For example, a customer adds a product to a cart.

Blue indicates a neutral event. For example, a customer searches a page.

Red indicates a negative event. For example, a customer abandons a form.

The following sections provide more details about the icon meanings.

Chat activity icons


Content offer activity icons


Purchase-related activity icons


Form-related icons


Journey shaping icons


Miscellaenous icons