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Learn how to see details about a visitor and their previous engagements with your company.


  • Configure the following permissions in Genesys Cloud:
    • Journey > Customer > View (to see information about existing customers)
    • Journey > Event > View (to see events on the customer journey map)
    • Journey > Outcome > View (to see outcomes achieved and scores for a visit)
    • Journey > Segment > View (to see matched segments for a visit)
    • Journey > Visit > View (to see live tracking information about visitors who are currently on your website)

About the customer


Customer summary details include the customer's current status and the total number of times that they viewed any of your tracked web pages during the current session. For more information:

View a different session


Genesys Predictive Engagement tracks visitor activity by session. When you view a customer's summary, you see information for the current session. To see a different session, click it in the list. Genesys Predictive Engagement displays the customer journey map, segments assigned, and outcome scores for the session that you select.