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A business goal that you want to track and achieve.


A group of customers who share similar behavior or characteristics.

This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Feature coming soon!Learn how to configure the data that agents see about sessions.


  • Configure the following permissions in Genesys Cloud:
    • Journey > Session Type > View
    • Journey > Session Type > Add
    • Journey > Session Type > Edit
    • Journey > Session Type > Delete
    • Journey > Event Type > View
    • Journey > Event Type > Add
    • Journey > Event Type > Edit
    • Journey > Event Type > Delete


When agents interact with customers, they see session cards that present the history of session. Each session type has its own session card layout.

You can configure the appearance of session cards in the following ways:

Preview the layout of a session card


  1. Admin > Altocloud > Session Library > session name.
  2. Click the Session card tab.
  3. Click the preview session card preview to see how the full journey context map will appear.

Set the session card title


For custom sessions and web sessions, you can set the session card title. The session card title is used for all sessions of the given session type.

  • All web sessions have the same type. By default, the title for all web sessions is Card title. You could change the title to Web Visit to clarify the customer's interaction.
  • Each custom session has its own type. In the Bike delivery scenario, the session type is delivery. The card title for all delivery sessions is Delivery. You can set a different session card name for each custom session type.

Display segments matched and outcomes achieved


For custom sessions and web sessions, you can choose whether to show agents which segments the customer matched during the session.

For web sessions, you can also show which outcomes the customer achieved during the session.

Select session attributes


For custom events, you can select which session attributes appear across the top of session cards. You can select up to three session attributes.

  1. Select the session attributes that appear on the card.
    The session attributes appear in order, from left to right, across the top of the card.
  2. Click Save.

Make a session card visible to agents

  1. Set the Display to agents toggle for the session card to Yes. This toggle appears at the top of every page in the Session Library. For more information, see Display session cards to agents.