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This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Segments and outcomes are features that you use to configure how Altocloud tracks and engages customers on your website.

Create the building blocks for tracking and engaging customers

Segments and outcomes are the building blocks of a customer journey:

  • A segment is a group of customers with shared characteristics or behaviors.
  • An outcome is a business goal that you want to monitor and achieve.
  • Attributes are conditions that identify who belongs to a particular segment, or who achieves a particular outcome.

After you define segments and outcomes, you use them to build your action maps. Each action map tells Altocloud how to engage with specific customers at specific times during their journey.

Design tips

Altocloud tracks activity on your website at a very detailed level. In order to trigger a specific action map, the customer's behavior must exactly match how you define the segments and outcomes for the action map. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Create segments and outcomes with a specific action map in mind: group them logically and define the parts in the correct sequence.
  • You must specify at least one attribute per segment or outcome.
  • The more attributes you define, the fewer number of customers who belong to the segment.
  • Attributes are not shared across segments and outcomes.
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