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A new session begins when a user visits your website. The session lasts until the user leaves the website, or until there is 30 minutes of inactivity.

This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Learn to define how an action map interacts with your users.


Configure user engagement

When you create an action map, define how it engages a user:

  1. Under Configure user engagement, click Configure.
  2. Webchat is automatically selected.
  3. Select when the engagement begins.
    • Immediately
    • After the visitor leaves and returns to the site
    • After a delay (in seconds or minutes).
      Note: Altocloud tracks the delay for the duration of the user's session. Suppose you set a delay on an action map for 10 seconds. If a user qualifies for the action map but navigates to a different web page in five seconds, the action map does not trigger. However, if the user navigates back to the original web page at any time during their current session, the action map triggers immediately.
  4. Configure when the action map should trigger. To keep the action map triggering indefinitely, do not specify an end date. Remember, you can always inactivate it to temporarily prevent it from triggering.
  5. Click Next: Chat offer.
  6. Design the chat offer.


AI-24 Changes


Procedural update for ^^ previous section.

Select Webhook as the engagement type. This screenshot is probably going to change if webhooks goes GA before content offers.

Then select the specific webhook.

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