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Expressions that tell Altocloud how to match users to segments or outcomes.

This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Administrator's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Learn how to define the rules by which users are matched to segments and outcomes.


When you build a segment or outcome, you create one or more conditions to identify which users it applies to. For example, you could create a segment that matches all users that use Chrome. You build this condition as an expression that says the attribute is Device category, the operator is equals and the value is Chrome. BrowserExample.png


Because there are so many attributes, Altocloud organizes them by type:

  • Visitor attributes are characteristics that all users in the group share. For example, location, browser, and device type.
  • Campaign attributes enable UTM-tracking of user activity on campaign websites.
  • Visitor journey attributes are actions that all users in the group take. For example, they all complete a form or go to a webpage.
  • Custom attributes allow you to define criteria that are specific to your business needs.


The operator you use determines how precisely Altocloud applies the condition. For example, you could want to match all users who visit a page URL. Pages that are related often have similar, but not exact, URLs. Your choice of operator determines whether Altocloud matches a user who visits one specific page, or who visits any of the related pages.